Want to see some kitchens? Ok...


The boys down at the workshop have been busy this week, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little update on what's going on at Jamie Williams Design.

As you will see in the pictures, units are being constructed by our skilled craftsmen, our oak framed design is one of the sturdiest and most hardwearing around so these units will last a lifetime and more.

No detail is left to chance with screws hidden and dovetails fitting like a glove. You may also have noticed a Belfast sink and a few appliances already being built into their units. We want everything to fit perfectly so having the appliances to hand really help us to get the quality you would expect from Jamie Williams Design.

Jamie Williams Design behind the scenes


So you've all seen our excellent bespoke wardrobes and furniture. But how did it get there and who built such expertly crafted pieces? Well it was none other than the Jamie Williams Design team. Check out our Team page to see each member of our workshop team.

Anyway how about a few pictures of our guys hard at it in the workshop so you can get a better feel for how we do things...

Our social media needs you!

Hi All,

As you may already know, we've had a bit of a rebrand from Jamie Williams Carpentry to Jamie Williams Design. We've come along way since Jamie first started out and we feel that our team has moved on from calling ourselves carpenters. We're designers, craftsmen some would say artists (we're not artists) but essentially we are the guys who spend their time creating exceptional kitchens and furniture.

We want you to feel that when you walk into our showroom that you're getting the full service, not just some guys bashing wood together. Look out for our upcoming post about our photorealistic CAD designs, this state of the art software really allows you to see your vision of the project you came to us with before we've even cut the first plank.

We would love it if you could help us out by liking our social media pages and sharing our blog posts so more people can see our beautiful kitchens and furniture in their home.