Our new oak and ash supplier Venables Oak!

Hello Everyone,

So here we are, another blog another day at the workshop creating some of the finest wardrobes you've ever set your eyes upon. But how does your furniture always look so staggeringly perfect with clean lines, smooth finishes and with a perfect grain pattern you ask...

Well apart from having years of experience in the business of wood based furnishing we have a brilliant supplier of Oak and Ash (other hardwoods are available!)

Don't mistake these timber boards for any old run of the mill hunks of wood. Venables Oak supply only the finest timber around, and being one of the UK's leading suppliers of Oak and other hardwoods we're confident that whatever they supply us will be just perfect for producing the same quality and years of service that we have come to expect.

We took on a large order of1"3/4 Ash a few weeks back now, and the lads down on the workshop floor have been ripping through this stock as fast as you can say "Venables Oak, that's some good wood"

Venables Oak, that’s some good wood!


We want you to know the people we work with so you get a transparent view of how we do business at Jamie Williams Design. We think Venables Oak are a great timber supplier and super easy to do business with. We are obsessed with getting great results and when you find people that help you get those results - you have to gush!

Prices are always competitive and timber is top notch. What more can you ask for!

Here's a few pictures below of the wood coming in and some of the finished products the Jamie Williams Design team have rustled up.

We're over the moon that we get to work with great suppliers like Venables Oak to create outstanding products that you'll love to have in your home. If you see anything here that you like the look of or maybe you have your own plans and ideas, please feel free to get in touch using the button below. Or maybe talk to us on one of our social accounts.