Cheltenham Food Festival 2018


A busy few months down at the Jamie Williams Design workshop. We've been busy rustling up some tasty treats, well wooden ones that is for the chefs at the Cheltenham Food Festival. 

Now lets not fool around here, this clearly isn't a fully functional kitchen and not something we would ever install your home. But more of a display of the skills and craftsmanship that the Jamie Williams Design team have spent years honing.

Our main piece was the stunning kitchen island built by hand with solid oak in frame door design and finished in a deep space blue by Little Greene (Our main paint supplier). The unit is topped with an ultra durable white marble worktop leaving a cold hard surface perfect for making pastries or just using it as a gigantic chopping board. 

Brass handles and knobs complement the deep colour of the paintwork giving the unit that extra touch of class.

The in built appliances really add to the versatility of the units with standing height ovens and spacious drawers in a ceiling height larder unit painted in a grey stone. Dovetail joints and constructed in oak gives this unit hidden strength and durability.

Our mission is to 'Create without compromise' and this kind of quality isn't something we do by halves; even for show pieces like this one.

But before you see the finished units, why not a little behind the scenes construction photos.

 The chefs kitchen ready for action!

The chefs kitchen ready for action!

We had a number of great guests and top chefs using our set for the festival. Some names include Anneeka Luhdra, who uses the culinary wisdom of her grandmother (Or dadimas) to create delicious and healthy meals, She shared with us a host of culinary and life experiences that could transfer the way you cook. Check her out on

At the other end of the scale was the Lunch Box Doctor. Set on providing healthy foods for school lunches, she shares recipes and nutrition tips with parents over the globe to combat the poor nutrition in school foods. Subscribe to her mailing list right here!

and lastly a more local contender coming in the form of head chef Jon Howe of Lumiere restaurant in Cheltenham and accompanied by Oz Clarke and well renowned british wine writer. Jon's combinations of classic ingredients and innovative ideas make him stand out from the crowd. Why not head over to to book a table!



Maybe you didn't get a chance to get down to the food festival this year and wish you'd had a chance to chat to Jamie in person about your next project. Well never fear our showroom is open and ready for clients to get a real feel for what we do and the quality of our kitchens, so give us a call and arrange for a meeting when its convenient for you!