Sometimes you'll have questions that you need rapid answers to. We're always busy building outstanding furniture. So here are a few questions that we get asked often. If we still haven't given you the answer you want, click the button below to send us a message.


How can I be sure you'll be able to create what I want?

We are an independent company that prides itself on producing the finest bespoke furniture. We are not restricted to set modular 'off the shelf' component sizes as we custom make everything in-house. Our excellent communication skills, together with our detailed design service, give you the confidence that your vision will be realised.

Our workshop is fully equipped and we have an excellent team of craftsmen who can deliver what you want.

Will the price go up if I amend the designs?

In most cases, no! The price holds firm, even though you may go on to tweak the designs to suit your preference. This is because we've quoted for the volume of cabinetry that will fit into your spaces, and those parameters can't physically change.

What are your payment terms?

The payment schedule for projects is:

  • 50% deposit
  • 50% pre-delivery

Why 50% deposit?

This allows us to book your installation day into our fitting diary (rather than leaving your job un-booked and therefore at risk of being pushed back further as new projects get booked-in). Once the designs are signed off by you, the 50% that you have paid allows us to then purchase your materials, order your paint and start construction without un-necessary delays.

Why 50% pre-delivery? I've already paid my deposit haven't I?!

This 2nd payment completes your payment for the furniture that we (by this stage) have made for you. This invoice will be sent 1 week prior to your installation. We won't be making your furniture during the installation - we'll be installing the already made furniture, so we therefore need to receive payment for this before we can deliver.

What guarantee do I have?

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We are honest, authentic and will be here for a very long time. We rely on you as our clients loving us and what we have made for you - that's how we continue to get more and more work! We thrive on your praise and referrals and it's this attitude and philosophy that has forged us a outstanding reputation throughout the local area, and we continue daily on our pursuit of excellence. If that's not enough - we guarantee our craftsmanship and workmanship for life.